Suds of War

Have you ever played with toy boats in your bathtub? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a REAL naval war?

If you answered yes to one, both, or maybe none of these questions, then this is the game for you !

In Suds of War, you control plastic boats in a war to dominate the bathtub. Destroy enemy ships and attack the enemy base (a sponge). Rubber ducks block your way to victory, so go around them.

You start the game with three ships, try to hold on to them. If for some reason all three cannot be placed, the others will be available for immediate spawning, but you can only spawn next to your base.


Left-Click to select or deselect a ship Right-Click after selecting to attack or move


At the bottom of the screen is an end turn button and the status of your ships.

Click the ship icon to respawn a ship. Ships have a cooldown timer that is displayed on the button. The more ships you have down, the longer it takes them to respawn.


Your goal is to destroy the enemy sponge before the enemy ships destroy your sponge.

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